Obchody 10 rocznicy Duszpasterstwa Polskiego

Serdeczne podziękowanie!

W niedzielę 6 listopada 2016 w kościele św. Conletha w Newbridge, Hrabstwo Kildare, uroczystą Mszę św. dziękczynną odprawił bp. Denis Nulty. Msze koncelebrowali również bp. Jim Moriarty, wielu księży i diakonów. W imieniu Polskiej Wspólnoty pragnę wyrazić moją wdzięczność wszystkim obecnym.

Dziękuje serdecznie wszystkim zaangażowanym w przygotowanie 10 rocznicy powstania Duszpasterstwa Polskiego w Diecezji Kildare i Leighlin.

Przy tej okazji szczególnie dziękuję Rodakom, którzy w przeszłości i w czasie obecnym regularnie uczestniczą w Mszach św. w języku polskim w całej Diecezji.
Pragnę również podziękować za wszystkie modlitwy w mojej intencji.

Szczęść Boże,

Ks. Tadeusz Durajczyk svd
Kapelan Polonii w Diecezji Kildare i Leighlin

Obchody 10 rocznicy Duszpasterstwa Polskiego

Obchody 10 rocznicy Duszpasterstwa Polskiego

Obchody 10 rocznicy Duszpasterstwa Polskiego

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Kazanie bp. Denis Nulty wygłoszone na Mszy w Newbridge 6 listopada 2016 z okazji 10-lecia Duszpasterstwa Polskiego:

We all know that a 25th Anniversary celebration is called a 'Silver Anniversary'; a 50th is a 'Gold Anniversary'; I wonder do many of you know what a 10th Anniversary is known as? Well it's a Tin Anniversary! So to the Polish people I say: Szczesliwy Dziesiata Rocznice! Happy Tenth Anniversary!

Your arrival here in 2006/2007 was into a very different country then. The story of Catholicism in Poland goes back to 966AD, the big 1,050th celebration was marked earlier this summer. There are 41 Catholic Dioceses in Poland and 10,000 parishes. 85.6% of the Polish people are Catholic. The Irish statistics are equally interesting. Our story of faith goes back much further to the great Brigid, Patrick and Conleth. 84.2% of Irish people see themselves as Catholic, if we include Northern Ireland, that figure drops somewhat to 71.8%. There are 26 Catholic Dioceses and about 2,500 parishes.

As a Bishop in one of those twenty-six Dioceses, I spend allot of time visiting parishes, sometimes a sacramental moment like Confirmation, often for an event like the Novena here in Newbridge, where I'm booked to open on April 24th next year. Earlier today and last evening I celebrated Mass and visited the two Prisons in our Diocese – Midlands last evening and Portlaoise this morning. One third of the prison community population in Ireland are in those prisons; the Midlands is the largest prison in the country. This weekend the Jubilee Year of Mercy emphasis was on that Corporal Work of Mercy ‘to visit the prisons'. Our prisons have many nationalities in their communities.

Coming to our Diocese from Poland you have brought with you great customs such as the ‘Blessing of Food Baskets' on Holy Saturday morning. I think I can safely say if the numbers who attend for those Blessing Rituals was replicated on other Sundays we would be building churches in Kildare and Leighlin to accommodate new ethnic congregations! Also the blessing of bread at Christmas and the sending of blessed bread in greeting cards to family and friends. Our school roll books are interspersed with Polish Christian names such as Karolina, Mateusz, Kamil and Marta. The Polish insistence on going to Confession a number of times before celebrating Marriage is laudable and one that could be adopted by Irish couples.

Having a Polish Chaplain was very necessary ten years ago as you settled in a strange environment and were unfamiliar with Irish customs and traditions. Fr. Tadeusz is to be thanked for walking with you over this time. What is a chaplain? Over the past twenty-four hours I had the privilege of getting a 3 deeper understanding of prison chaplains; we have chaplains in our hospitals, our schools, sometimes even our clubs. Perhaps Sarsfields and Moorefield have their particular chaplain? A chaplain is in my book 'present' to those he or she is responsible for; a chaplain accompanies the community, the group or the institution. In the initial stages the Polish Chaplaincy was seen as having an outreach here in Newbridge, Naas, KIlcock, Edenderry, Portlaoise, Portarlington, Carlow and Tullow. In more recent years that outreach has established itself every week here in Newbridge, twice a month in Portlaoise, nine times a year in Kilcock, once a month in Carlow and Christmas and Easter in Edenderry. For me this development suggests that the Polish community have integrated beautifully into the life of our diocese and this is exactly as it should be. You serve on Parish Pastoral Councils; you work in Parish Centres; you volunteer with community groups; one of you is even a student for the priesthood for our Diocese and this is exactly as it should be, as it was meant to be, as it was intended when Bishop Jim, along with the assistance of Fr. Joe McDermott inaugurated this chaplaincy support ten years ago.

Apparently the Polish gentry used to have a toast in past centuries when Poland was still a kingdom: 'God, honour, fatherland'. God was then and is now in the leading position, God is such an important element of Polish consciousness and identity. Your Christian identity, your Catholic faith is possibly a response to the borders you shared with the Muslim peoples such as the Tartars and the Turks. Like us you love St. John Paul II; your Czestochowa is our Knock. My prayer in marking this tenth anniversary of your presence amongst us, you are now one of us and like 9/11 soon there will be no need to mark the date, because you will have become Irish/Polish. I still recall on one of my Confirmation visits, a Polish boy, attending a Gaelscoil in Kilcock who took an Irish name and was confirmed that day by a Polish priest working in our Diocese. This is exactly as it should be and we give praise and thanks to the Lord for this and for much more this day. Amen.

W imieniu Polskiej Wspólnoty głos zabrali Barbara i Stanisław Michalec:

On behalf of the Polish Community we would like to express our grateful thanks to bishop Denis Nulty and bishop Jim Moriarty and also to thank the priests and deacons who joined us today in our celebration of ten years of the Polish Chaplaincy in this Diocese. It is lovely also to see many of our Irish neighbours who have joined us today.

The Polish Chaplaincy was inaugurated on 7th October 2006 by bishop Jim Moriarty in collaboration with the Newbridge Parish priest fr. Joe McDermott and fr. Finbarr Tracey who was at that time provincial of the Divine Word Missionaries in Ireland. Since that time Masses in Polish language are available in the main churches of the Diocese: Newbridge, Portlaoise, Carlow, Kilcock, Borris, Edenderry, Tullow, Naas and Clane. A big thank you for seeing to the spiritual needs of Polish migrants. Thanks to this, many Polish people feel very much at home in Ireland. Thank you for our chaplain fr. Tadeusz Durajczyk SVD invited here by you in 2006. We would like to thank fr. Tadeusz for 10 years of his pastoral work with us here in Newbridge and in the Diocese.

Previous to setting up the Chaplaincy, mass in the Polish language was celebrated in Newbridge from December 2004: first mass said fr. Honorat, then from 2005 Mass was said every Sunday by fr. Janusz Brzozowski SVD and then by fr. Szymon Gołąbek SVD until the arrival of fr. Tadeusz in August 2006. We would like to thank them, and also others:

fr. Jarosław Tomaszewicz, worked in Carlow Cathedral,

fr. Andrzej Krzesiński, worked in Portlaoise,

Sister Beata Małecka of the Holy Family of Bordaux, worked in Newbridge,

fr. Bartłomiej Parys SVD, is curently responsible for the cell groups,

fr. Rory O’Domhnaill and fr. Michał Cudziło and many others. Many thanks.

We would like to thank fr. Paul Dempsey, a parish priest of Newbridge Parish and the staff of this Parish for your openness and your help, especially:

Tommy Whiteley, Donncha Fox, Patricia McDermott and Margarita Bedding. Special thanks to sister Elizabeth Murphy and sisters of the Holy Family Convent.

We would like to thank all those involved in the organization of the Polish Mass in Newbridge: organizers of the Polish Mass and all people bringing the priest to Mass in years 2004-2007, members of the Slovak Community, musicians, altar servers, readers, Eucharistic ministers, people who organize the Corpus Christi procession, Nativity play, Christmas midnight mass, and many, many others.

We also would like to express our thanks to all people involved in the organization of Polish Masses throughout the Diocese: the parish priests of the parishes where the Polish Masses are celebrated, sister Dolores Fitzgerald in Carlow Cathedral, sacristans and many others.

Each Polish Mass celebrated in Kildare and Leighlin Diocese is an opportunity for us to be more present in the local church. We are a part of this big Community and we are proud of this. Thanks to you – bishop Denis, we can pray in your Diocese and we can meet in our small Communities. Those of us who have lived in this Diocese in the past as well as the present congregations, we are eternally grateful to you for that.

May God bless all our Irish friends, we keep you in our prayers.

After this Mass refreshments will be served in the Patrician Primary School. You are welcome.

Now we would like to give you a small bouquet of flowers as a sign of thanks.